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Some were born to walk the earth and some were born to be part of it.

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Honey & Beeswax Products

Shadowland Honey was created with the idea of collecting and bee-ing involved with nature. All of our products such as honey, tree seed and my photography stand as a daily reminder that we are all connected to the earth.

For thousands of years and probably before all knowledge of time the Honey Jars - all sizes - imagehoneybee has been searching the earth for nectars and pollens from the trees, flowers and plants that are such an intricate part of our survival.  From man to beast we all depend on the honeybee in his ongoing pollination of these magnificent plants and trees for our every day supply of fruits grains and vegetables.

These nectars are gathered blended and processed, as only the bee can do into the most perfect food. This goodness of the earth has been called “the food of the Gods” and is so perfect that honey from the days of ancient Egypt has been found to be perfectly edible.

Shadowland offers you the same untouched, unprocessed goodness in every jar. To keep the best flavor of your favorite honey we recommend storage in a glass vessel. Our latest product is Bee Spit a honey mustard with a lil sting to it - which retails for $7.00. We also have salves, and balms for skin and leather.

Shadowland has harvested the honey during different nectar flows, from basswood to milk weed and Russian knapweed to goldenrod. On every jar I include a tag with this story. A little bee is stamped next to the wildflower whose essence is hidden in every jar.


Stephen Redman
Bee Keeper, Forester & Photographer

Beeswax Candles

Beeswax & Honey Gift Set

Michigan Honey Products Gift Box and Bag - image

Give this beautiful honey product gift pack with a small jar of pure Michigan honey, an adorable old fashioned hive shaped beeswax candle, a honey dipper, a little jar of our beeswax softening salve. all of the great items fit in this beautiful little black box! It even comes with it's own gift bag. Pure beeswax candles contain no added fragrances or dyes. They have a cotton wick and these hand poured beeswax candles last 3-4 times longer than paraffin. No toxic black smoke or soot. Emit negative ions when burning. This delightful and beeswax product gift box sampler is a bargain at $20

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You may also enjoy our Tree Seed kits by visiting my Home Page and Seed Kit Page. For beautiful photography taken in the forests, beaches and during other mystical moments in Michigan don't miss my Photo Gallery and portfolio. You can order our two featured prints here. View the gallery for more images and a larger view of these. Please email me or call me to purchase additional prints and sizes or to discuss placement of my Shadowland Photography in your gallery.

Always and Forever Print 11" x14"
Matted suitable for 16 x 20 frame.

photography by Stephen Redman - Always & Forever - image


Blue Night Print 11" x 14"
Little Sable LIghthouse on Lake Michigan.

Matted for 16" x 20" Frame.

Photography by Stephen Redman - Blue Night



Always and Forever & Blue Night

Copyright (c) 2000 All rights reserved Stephen Redman

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Michigan Honey Products Offered From Shadowland Seeds:
  • Honey Balms
  • Honey & Beeswax Lotions
  • Honey Buffs & Salves
  • Pure Michigan Honey
  • North Carolina Sourwood
  • Buckwheat Honey
  • Beeswax Candles
    Tapers, Votives & Pillar
  • Honey with Cinnamon
  • Pure Unfiltered Honey
  • Honey Gift Package
    Box & Gift Bad Set
  • Honey Sticks
  • Honey Mustard

Just a few of our featured honey products. Visit our online shopping cart and e-commerce store to browse our pure honey and beeswax products. Shop now click here.

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Hexagon Honey Jar - image
12 Ounce Hexagon Jar
Pure Michigan Honey

Pound Jars of honey - image
1 Pound Queen Line Jar
Pure Michigan Honey

Honey Bear Container - image
12 Ounce Honey Bear
Pure Michigan Honey






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